Workgroup Overview


At the foundation we have 2 different distinct types of working groups.

A Technical Workgroup (TWG) is a workgroup that provides technical specifications and will help define next-generation of the specifications, definitions, and the compliance of these specifications with primary output being specification documents.

A Special Integration Group (SIG) is a workgroup that provides an implementation of technical specifications with the goal to produce reference designs. A SIG will normally provide a reference design, a finished product, or help maintain project for direct usage.


Instruction Set Architecture Workgroup

The OpenPOWER ISA Technical Workgroup is the workgroup that governs over the POWER ISA specifications.

LibreBMC Workgroup

The LibreBMC SIG is a project workgroup whose purpose is to design an open source Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) based oncompatible with the Open Compute Project (OCP) DC-SCM specification. The goal of the SIG is to design the adapter, based on the POWERower ISA processor core, and all required interfaces and controls using open source tools in order to contribute to their growth and usability. The purpose of LibreBMC is to create a fully open source BMC design which will enhance the security of server management control by being fully open and created with fully open source tooling.