Welcome to the era of Open Computing!

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the free and open RISC instruction set architecture and extensions. We enable open community collaboration, technology advancements in the OpenPOWER ecosystem, and visibility of OpenPOWER successes.

Join us and see how open technical collaboration along with the support of many OpenPOWER programs can help drive your business forward.

Why Join?

  • Accelerate technical development of your own POWER based products
  • Contribute technical resource, best practices, and code to help guide and influence OpenPOWER deliverables
  • Increase visibility as OpenPOWER amplifies member success across the industry
  • Build a partner network as an active member within the OpenPOWER community
  • Showcase your OpenPOWER products, services, training, and resources on OpenPOWER Ready

Membership Levels

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a 501c6 not-for-profit entity with a Board of Directors and a Technical Steering Committee.

  • Membership levels provide either a default Board of Director position (Platinum) or an opportunity to be elected to the Board (Gold, Silver, and Associate/Academic members). The Bylaws detail additional governance by the Board including maximum seats, terms, etc.
  • The Technical Steering Committee is formed from the Work Group Leads from the core projects and one representative designated by each Platinum member.

OpenPOWER offers a tiered membership of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Associate/Academic memberships

  • Contributors, committers, Work Group leads and project leads influence Technical Steering Committee
  • Associate/Academic level is not available to corporations
Membership LevelAnnual FeeTechnical Steering CommitteeBoard/Voting Position
Platinum$100kOne seat per member not otherwise representedIncludes Board position, includes TSC position
Gold$60kMay be on TSC if Work Group leadGold members may elect up to one BOD member per three Gold members
$5k if <100 employees,
$1k if < 10 employees
May be on TSC if Work Group leadOne board seat elected by all Silver members
Associate, Academic, Community$0May be on TSC if Work Group leadMay be elected to one community observer, non-voting Board seat

Fee in US dollars

Membership Benefits

Anyone may participate in OpenPOWER. Membership levels are designed for those who are investing in growing and enhancing the OpenPOWER community and its proliferation within the industry.

OpenPOWER Foundation Membership MatrixIndividualAssociateAcademicSilverGoldPlatinum
Working Group Participation
Ability to Lead Working Groups
Ability to Lead Committees
OPF HUB Dedicated Resource
Social Media Spotlight1/month1/month2/month4/month
OPF Guest Blog Post1/year4/year4/year8/yearunlimited
Use of OPF Trademark for commercialization
Priority in OPF Workshops and Hackathons
Access to Specifications Approved by the Board
Access to Draft Specifications in development
Petition TSC to create a new workgroup or project
Exhibit opportunities as OPF-hosted and exhibiting events
Member logo featured on the websitename only
Member logo featured on the website homepage
Member name inclusion in Press Releases1/year2/year4/year
Final Approval of New ProjectsBoard membership required
Final Approval and Voting of IP and SpecificationsBoard membership required
Manage the Future Direction of the OrganizationBoard membership required
The information in this chart is subject to change by OpenPOWER Foundation without notice. The Bylaws of OpenPOWER Foundation set forth the terms of membership and shall take precedence over any other information regarding membership.

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