IBM Power System LC922


The IBM LC922 is a 2U Dual-socket POWER9 Rack Server.

The cognitive era is driving Linux® workloads that require superior data throughput and storage capacity needed to meet the challenges of the AI era. IBM® Power Systems™ LC922 is purpose built to meet those requirements with a storage-rich server design that delivers industry-leading compute to analyze and explore data with the vast storage capacity to contain it. LC922 enables faster access to data and scaling efficiency with POWER9™ advanced IO architecture, including PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 to help companies gain new business insights and competitive advantages. With the ability to meet diverse needs, the server is built on open standards and incorporates accelerators.

This 2-socket, 2U POWER9 system was developed from OpenPOWER system reference designs, uses OpenPOWER firmware from git-hub and complies with OpenPOWER specifications.


IBM Power System LC922

  • Vendor : IBM
  • Date Added : 21 January 2019


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