Inspur Power Systems FP5180G2


The Inpur FP5280G2 is a 1U Dual-socket POWER9 Rack Server.

  • Ultra high performance and density
    • Supports 2 POWER9 Sforza processors in 1U space, providing up to 44 cores and 176 threads
    • Supports 16 DDR4 2666MHz memories per unit , up to 2TB memory capacity
    • Supports NVMe SSD, providing 10 times IOPS of SATA SSD
  • Strong expansion capability
    • 4 3.5″ HDD per unit, providing up to 48TB of storage capacity
    • Up to 2 PCIe4.0 slots, supporting CAPI 2.0 acceleration interface
    • Supports OCP device, realizing flexible network architecture
  • Intelligent management
    • Supports intelligent air-cooled technology and perform accurate and real-time monitoring and control of system power consumption
    • Supports web management interface and rapid diagnosis method, monitoring system parameters through BMC, ensuring system stable and reliable


Inspur Power Systems FP5180G2

  • Vendor : Inspur Power Systems
  • Date Added : 27 August 2019


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