Inspur Power Systems FP5280G2


The Inpur FP5280G2 is a 2U Dual-socket POWER9 Rack Server.

With a modular design optimized for scale-out deployments, hybrid cloud, big data and enterprise AI acceleration built on open standards-based system.

Here are the key features:

  • Gain the performance and capabilities of IBM® POWER9™ “Sforza” CPU combined with the cost advantages of industry standardization, 2 sockets for up to 44 cores (2.75Ghz).
  • Higher memory capacity and bandwidth, up to 1TB of memory with 16 DDR4-2666 DIMM slots.
  • Next Gen PCIe – PCIe Gen4 2x faster vs PCIe Gen3.
  • Modular design optimized to scale from single racks to hundreds of racks for large-scale clusters and scale-out deployments.
  • Acceleration of big data workloads with support for 12 large form factor drives or 24 small form factor drives.
  • Designed to fully exploit the capabilities of GPU accelerators, up to 4 NVIDIA® V100 PCIe-based GPU in 2U chassis.
  • 8x PCIe Gen4 slots,maximize application performance and eliminate I/O bottlenecks.
  • Support OCP NIC, providing 25G, 10G, 1G and more flexible network options.
  • Realize low cost of acquisition and the ability to achieve superior economics.
  • Low acquisition cost through system optimization OpenPOWER innovation, industry standardization, more flexible service and support.


Inspur Power Systems FP5280G2

  • Vendor : Inspur Power Systems
  • Date Added : 2 April 2019


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